Why Your Winter Fun is Already in Jeopardy

August 6, 2018 by Holly Verbeck

(Or, ‘What the Grasshopper learned from the Ant about how to transition from Summer to Fall’)

You want to savor every last day of Tahoe summer, but lose focus on the coming fall/winter and you risk being caught off guard when the weather shifts (remember Aesop’s Ant & the Grasshopper?!). No, you don’t need to put away the patio set or scrub the BBQ just yet, but work these Eleven+1 Summer Home-Care Tips into your to-do list as you relish our warm summer days and you can experience a seamless, unhurried transition into fall:


  1. Transition to cool summer nights outdoors – put out blankets and space heaters, and keep a S’mores kit handy! Plus, keep patio furniture covers at-the-ready for the first sign of serious weather; soaked things don’t store well.
  2. Sort kids’ summer toys – if they’ll outgrow it before next summer ends, sell or donate now.
  3. Get garage-ready – you’ll need to park there sooner than you know!
  4. Make seasonal home swaps: change door wreaths, living room pillows, and bedroom linens to reflect the change of weather and color
  5. Schedule tune-ups: biking may be good through November but don’t delay pulling out and tuning up your winter gear or you’ll be waiting in line with everyone else. 
  6. Order your firewood now. Yes, now’s the time for best prices and delivery options. (And get your indoor fireplaces ready, too. We usually light our first evening fire by October 1st.)

  1. Set a day to work in the yard. Organize the garden and shed, and bring that load to the dump. Tending to the yard now makes preparing for the first snow a lighter task.
  2. Prepare your garden for season’s change: check with your gardener, landscaper or local nursery to determine the special care needed so your plants can thrive.
  3. Avoid infestation of pests who want to be indoors when cold weather arrives. It’s easier to fix these things now than to do it with frozen fingers.
  4. Locking up your summer home or planning to rent it out? Sketch your summer-home’s floor plan and indicate the shutoff valve, fuse, or power source for everything that uses water, gas, or electricity (color-code the plan based on each utility). Keep the map on hand for yourself and others.
  5. Plan ahead for priority access. With just three months til Christmas it’s exactly the right time to schedule holiday lighting installs, Christmas tree set-up, and send out your ‘save the date’ reminders for holiday gatherings and company parties.

And here’s the icing on the cake: as you tackle this list, create a custom checklist for yourself or your staff so that next summer you can simply hand it off to the caretaker or assistant to do for you, just the way you like it. Now that’s the way to enjoy every last day of summer!

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